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The Duel

Fight the Flab!

6/11/06 08:42 pm - t_natalia - mcdonald's really is my friend....

i was doing good until i started eating mcdonald's, a & w, and chocolate again....i ran out of gummy bears and i've been scheduled to work 8 hour days, which means breakfast/ lunch, or lunch/ dinner at the mall. damnit.

6/10/06 10:38 am - clonedkitty - Tips

I got these when I was using the Stumble thingy...it's from Men's Fitness, but I figure it's probably good for anybody:

Guzzle -- don't sip -- water:
Downing big gulps cues your body to get it into the system faster.

To lose weight, drink cold water. Your body has to expend extra calories to heat up the H2O in your stomach, resulting in a rise in your resting metabolic rate. In fact, in a 2003 German study researchers estimated that drinking two additional icy quarts a day would help you burn about 100 extra calories -- or the equivalent of a pound of fat every five weeks -- with no other changes in exercise or diet.

So that's why we like sushi. By simultaneously eating "bad" high-glycemic foods (pasta, rice, etc.) and protein (fish, meat, etc.), you greatly lower the former's absorption rate -- and reduce their tendency to be stored in the body as fat.

Eat cheap tuna. More expensive canned albacore "white" tuna has been found to contain as much as three times the mercury of canned "light" tuna.

Why settle for some overprocessed vending machine offering when you can have a second lunch? A whole-wheat PB&J sandwich at 3 pm will keep your energy up until dinner, help your heart with a megadose of monounsaturated fats, and has fewer calories than cheesy peanut butter crackers.

Assuming you're a morning person, a smart way to lose weight is to work out before breakfast.
That's because when you don't give your body carbs, more of the calories you burn will come from fat stores. Just stick to a moderate 500-calorie workout and you shouldn't pass out.

Before beginning a workout, drink half a Diet Coke. The caffeine can lower the perceived difficulty of the exercises. And the easier they seem, the longer and harder you'll be able to train.

"Most runners don't warm up as well as they could. Ideally, you want to warm up very slowly (about 60 percent of perceived exertion) for three minutes, then do three very quick intervals in a row -- 20-second sprints separated by two minutes of easy jogging. The sprints will get your body used to producing and clearing lactic acid, which will really come in handy once you start to pick up the intensity in earnest." --Chris Carmichael, longtime coach of Lance Armstrong

To simulate outdoor running, set the treadmill incline to at least 1 percent. Running on a cardio machine set to a zero-percent grade is actually easier than running outdoors on flat ground -- because there's no wind resistance and less friction.

Never run at a speed that you could walk. Studies of health club members have shown that treadmill runners experience less caloric burn and greater stress on their joints while running slow than when walking fast. The switch-over point: 5 to 6 mph.

6/5/06 11:32 pm - t_natalia - yummy

i've traded chocolate for gummy bears. real fruit juice and fat free.

6/3/06 02:19 pm - clonedkitty

I ate an entire bag of Milano cookies today.

But, it made me go from being in a depressed shithole to being in a fairly good mood, so I'll let it go.

Since I now have the whole apartment to myself for a month, I'm going to make it "self-improvement" month and do at-home exercises. This is my duel for the month of June. My duel against ghastly stomach flab!!!!

6/2/06 11:23 pm - t_natalia - what i ate today

daily food consumption:

breakfast/brunch - half a bowl of soup
snack - bag of chips and water
break at work - spicy chilli chicken naan wrap, apple juice, and water
dinner at home - chicken strips and potatoe salad

5/31/06 09:51 pm - gilly_ann - Part of an Article I got from "Fitness" Magazine

"10 Best Foods for Flat Abs"
1) Almonds
2) Eggs
3) Soy
4) Apples
5) Berries
6) Leafy Greens
7) Yogurt
8) Veggie Soup
9) Salmon
10) Quinoa

This is from June's issue. There's a lot of filler stuff that I excluded. It's a good article though for those who want to read the whole thing.

5/28/06 08:44 pm - gilly_ann - damn it!!!

So a total downslide on the eating healthy fron this week. It's been bad and my tummy is now embarassing. I've made a goal for myself, and yes it's more for myself than for anyone else.
I'm going to aim to look more and more amazing by the end of each month. I figure I can do that and I can totally work towards that.

I've started keeping a food journal. It's working to make me take accountability for what I eat. It's not pretty. Maybe I'll post it later but right now, I seriously think I need to do something about how I look.

5/27/06 10:46 pm - acafe - yes.

so, i finally found the perfect yoga dvd. i started out with cardio pilates, but almost broke myself within 5 minutes of trying to do it. so i figured, "you idiot, what the hell were you expecting having taken 2 years off yoga?", and bought a beginner's dvd. it was waaaay too easy. i did like 2 years of bikram's hardcore sweaty yoga, and the "mastering" the poses was about as difficult of mastering the concept of snakes & ladders after that experience. i didn't even break a sweat.

so, on the advice of the gorgeous gillian, i gave gaiam's yoga conditioning for weight loss a try. it was perfect. it has 4 different levels of workouts (same basic workouts but you focus on one of 4 different people who take the poses to different depths, and some of whom use props) so you can start where you want and increase the difficulty. having my yoga background as well i found it easy to start small without the props, being already familiar with most of the poses.

so.. yay. try it out if you're so inclined.
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5/25/06 04:10 pm - t_natalia - good day

despite being mentally and physically exhausted, i managed to go for a 30min walk. it was so beautiful outside that i couldn't resist. i made kraft dinner for brunch and usually i eat the whole box, but this time i only ate half of it and i felt really full.

5/25/06 08:48 am - gilly_ann - bad gilly bad

So I figure I was pretty good on tuesday. didn't really eat anything junky. could have done without the mango margaritas but whatever they were totally worth it. I had vegitarian curry and rice with chicken curry. Then we went to Mongolie Grill and there's like no oil or anything like that and I had a vegetarian meal there. So really I was pretty good. I also did yoga almost all weekend so I was really quite proud of myself.

So yesterday I went to the food court for lunch. Very bad but I work at the mall and if I don't have lunch then that's pretty much where I go. I had a Teen Burger at A&W. Bad Gilly. Very Bad. But whatever. I've been good for the last little while so I figured I could have a treat. However, then I was taken out for dinner. I wasn't expecting it. It just turned out that we went for dinner. I opted for the low fat dinner but I still felt kinda bad about it.

I'm totally having low fat soup and other non fat thingys today.
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