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nicola's super killer pasta salad

here you go, lovies. it's worth it, not too difficult at all, and very healthy (if you use whole wheat pasta). i was posting this in a comment and said, hey -- this deserves an entry in the_duel.

rotini (i like to use whole wheat -- initially i couldn't tell the difference, now i prefer it, and it's healthier)
chopped brocolli florets
-- when the pasta is almost done, dump these in the boiling water too, you want them to be cooked but still crunchy

while this is cooking/draining/cooling, take a huge bowl. in it, throw:
-diced: green onions, red peppers and or yellow/orange peppers (really it's to your taste), any other vegetables you want.. the more veggies, the more healthy
-olives (either kalamata or large marinated green ones, either whole or cut to desired size, but never your standard BLACK)
-LOTS of chopped FRESH parsley
-crumbled feta cheese

make sure the broc and pasta is cool as you don't want to wilt the veggies and melt the cheese (running cold water in collander helps here), then dump it in the big bowl and mix it all around.

now, here is the best dressing for it (and, as you've probably figured out i measure nothing, but it depends on the size of your salad)...
-fresh lemon juice (making up 2/3 of the sour part... and make sure you use real lemons and not the one in the bottle)
-some form of white wine vinegar (making up the last 1/3 of the sour part
-teaspoonish of dijon mustard
-salt and pepper
-fiiiinely chopped shallots (1 tablespoonish?)
-more chopped FRESH parsley, get it all mixed around
-some kind of healthy canola oil or something, i use becel. olive oil is way to heavy for this. adjust and tweak the sour/oiliness levels to your liking. i usually do it at about 2 parts sour, 3 parts oil.

mix it all around. this salad likes a lot of dressing. DO NOT chicken out and use bottled dressing! it will not be the same!
i am done now.
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