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some tips and motivation

i was perusing some literature (and i use the term lightly) at chapters and i thought i'd post a bit of it here. you know, spread the love/advice/what-have-you. so. this is a guide to help during weight loss. i have modified it a bit as it had some douchey elements to it.

the first thing to do is write out a a list of affirmations, to be placed on your fridge or by your bed or on your dresser - wherever you see it and it will affect you.

1. i am personally responsible for prioritizing my needs and knowing that my needs to feel comfortable in my own skin and be healthy are higher priorities than my need for excessive food.
2. i will stay aware and conscious fo what my weight is and of what i'm doing to lose or maintain my weight.
3. whatever else motivates you. i like the quote "nothing tastes as good as thin feels", even though it's a total anorexia quote. i figure it's ok for me because i'm DEFINITELY not anorexic.

then, there are some things you can do to achieve your goals.

1. create a weight/exercise chart and posting it on the refrigerator.
2. find a photograph of you at your heaviest, you now, and you at your goal weight (if you have one). put these pictures on the fridge. every week (or month, depending how much you have to lose), take another current picture of yourself and put it between your current weight and your goal so you can see your progress.

what goes on your monthly chart:
1. six columns labelled day, date, weight, and three specific exercises of your choice (or just write "exercise" to give yourself more freedom if you like a lot of different forms of exercise)
2. under day, fill in monday through sunday.
3. under date, fill in the corresponding date.
4. draw row lines across the paper, one per day.

every day, weigh yourself - the best time to do this is after you wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom, but before you eat breakfast. write your weight on the chart. if you weigh yourself later and it is less, put your lowest weight on the chart.

it is recommended to get 45 minutes of moderately intense exercise five days a week (and not necessarily all at once). if you want, you can break this into 15 minute units of exercise since you have three spaces on your chart for exercise activity.

this guide is adapted from py kim conant's "sex secrets of an american geisha" (a feminist nightmare but has some good information just the same)

it's all about the psychology of motivation. i will post later (tomorrow?) with some more tips. girls let us know how this is working for you if you try it out!
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